Shaping the future: ‘Make in India’ in the locking solutions market

The emerging security solutions and hardware market in India plays a vital role as the country embraces digital transformation and rapid urbanisation.

Streamlining the market with cutting-edge locking technology & security solutions

Locks and hardware are essential components in every home, office & industrial building. India’s leading manufacturer & supplier of smart locks, has been catering to this demand.

Link Locks Pvt Ltd is a company that takes great pride in being made in India.

Mr. Alam’s vision was to introduce Indian artisans’ exceptional work to the West while maintaining a balance between the two worlds. With their cutting-edge production technology

Link Locks Pvt Ltd is in a newsletter of Building Material Reporter

Link Locks is a company driven by a passion for security, quality, and customer satisfaction. With our extensive expertise, unwavering commitment to excellence, and dedication to innovation


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